Randall Reeves has been working on the field of Research, Analyses and Web analytics for almost 20
years. Currently, Randall leads Global Customer Insights & CRM for Sony Network Entertainment based
in Foster City, CA. He is responsible for driving web analytics implementation, business reporting, CRM
programs and Marketing Research for the business. Before Sony, Randall worked at companies like
Electronic Arts, Adobe, Financial Engines, Netscape and Colgate-Palmolive.

Over the years, Randall focused his career on quantitative analytics in the database marketing and web
analytics space. He was instrumental and thought leading in applying database marketing principles
to web analytics implementation strategies and reporting structures. He has espoused the concept
of a complete customer view via data integration for over 15 years. Core to this concept, the areas of
research, data mining and web analytics are viewed as a broader and more integrated customer data
ecosystem from which the business can gain insight, assess performance and drive optimization.

Randall obtained an undergraduate degree in Psychology and an MBA from the University of Kansas.
He was later accepted into the M.S. Statistics program at Stanford where he expanded his education.
The combination of psychology, business and quantitative methods was a great recipe for a career in
Analytics and Customer Insights.


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