Piyanka is a thought leader in analytics, speaking regularly at conferences and consistently being recognized as the “Best Speaker” in Business and Analytics conferences such as Predictive Analytics World, Integrated Business Planning and Business Performance Conference.

Piyanka’s passion lies in transforming organizations by empowering business professionals; teaching professionals how to make informed trade-offs and decisions based on data. She enjoys problem solving and finds herself driven towards findings patterns and insights which drives change in an organization; impacts top levers of business; and leads to better customer experience and resultant engagement.

Before founding Aryng, she was heading the NA Business Analytics at PayPal, leading strategic analytics, managing and setting agenda for the team, defining strategic roadmap to find NA business drivers. At PayPal, she and her team have delivered several high impact projects including product portfolio analysis, merchant lifecycle analysis, Voice of Customer analysis, Next Best Product Model for Merchant with $84+ mm revenue impact.

Prior to this, Piyanka drove direct measurable revenue impact of $18 mm through Strategic/Marketing analytics in partnership with Adobe Product Marketing and Relationship Marketing team. Within Marketing Operations and Analytics department, her role was to lead the organization into learning more about their products and customers through establishing appropriate engagement model with BU and rigorous mining of data. Within Relationship Marketing, Piyanka and her team’s role involved designing and analyzing campaigns, creating and executing appropriate segmentation and targeting strategy, Fine tuning messaging, creative and offers by Test & Control and improving targeting and increasing marketable universe by building response models and propensity models.

Before Adobe, Piyanka co-founded Out of Box Media in 2003. The company’s first Ad Campaign started with Chinese boxes and then grew to incorporate other types of containers including Pizza boxes, cake boxes etc, delivering up to 2% campaign response rates.

Piyanka enjoys networking with other industry professionals, sharing and learning about technical and organizational challenges and solutions.

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