It is with great excitement that I am announcing the launch of GAUGE, the Google Analytics Users’ Great Event, to take place March 17th and 18th in downtown San Francisco.  This is the inaugural GAUGE and we’re working hard to make it something you don’t want to miss.

The lineup includes a Google Analytics User Conference day plus a Google Analytics training day, exciting speakers like Phil Mui, the Group Product Manager for Google Analytics, and author Justin Cutroni among others, a dozen topical tracks, a live Analytics HelpDesk, Q&A with the Google Analytics engineering team, an evening reception, and more.


An event like GAUGE has been a dream of mine for over four years now.  For over 5 years I’ve been using Google Analytics, posting in the GA support forums, taught training seminars, worked with hundreds of companies, and even written a book about Google Analytics and I’ve always wanted to see users of GA come together in one big, great event.  Well, this is it.

So, why GAUGE?  A user conference will be awesome, and to go with it some strong training is also needed.  The model behind GAUGE was inspired while I was moderating a session at a conference in Toronto last year.  About 60 people attended a session with great presentations and theory, but almost zero practical takeaways or action to be done.  The question came up repeatedly of “well that’s great, but how do I actually go do that with Google Analytics?”

GAUGE will endeavour to address this with insanely practical sessions and lots of space in the schedule for users to talk with eachother and speakers.  Plus, we’ll have a well-staffed HelpDesk with over a half dozen kiosks where attendees can get help from a Google Analytics pro.

Register Now!

I say this as, yes, the organizer so it is indeed my job to try hard to sell the event, but it is also completely true.  Space is limited for this event and we expect it will sell out quickly.  San Francisco has a LOT of Google Analytics users and in relation to that we don’t have that much space.  This is the first go for GAUGE so we need to focus on making the event great, not huge.  So, what are you waiting for!?  Read a bit more about the speakers, review the agenda, and get registered!


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  1. Markallenit says:

    It was  tempting post about Google Analytics features

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